Plastopor EPS T (1000) (ELASTICISED)

Thermal conductivity coefficient λd: 0,036 W/mK

Plastopor Styropor is produced with the most modern vacuum technology and is therefore fully satisfied with its quality the demands of Croatia (HRN EN 13163) and the European standards (EN 13163).


  • In floating floors of buildings for all purposes of lowering the level/level of impact sound-steps in floor constructions between floors and floor constructions between floors and floor constructions against the propagation of sound from the side, from above and from below.


Plastopor EPS T 1000 panels do not affect human health and the environment (without CFC, FCKW, HBCD). Hardly flammable (higher requirement than “self-extinguishing”), light weight, simple installation. Board format 1000 x 500 mm. Plate thicknesses range from 12 mm to 53 mm. The characteristics correspond to the requirements of HRN EN 13163:2013+A1:2015 standards. They are stable in the temperature range, for a long time up to 70°C. Chemically resistant to most construction materials with which it comes into contact, for more detailed information and ambiguities, contact the manufacturer.

EPS-EN 13163 –T(1)-L(3)-W(3)-S(5)-P(5)-CP2/CP3-SD40/SD35/SD30/SD25/SD20

Thickness  (mm) Thermal conductivity Thermal resistance m2 in the package Plate in the package Volume (m3) Mass   (kg)
12 0,036 0,33 20,50 41 0,246 2,460
22 0,036 0,61 11,00 22 0,242 2,420
33 0,036 0,92 7,50 15 0,248 2,475
43 0,036 1,19 5,50 11 0,237 2,365
53 0,036 1,47 4,50 9 0,239 2,385