PLASTFORM d.o.o., a trading company for the production of styrofoam (EPS) for thermal insulation and packaging, has established, maintains and permanently improves the quality management and environmental protection system according to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, to the satisfaction of all interested parties: owners, employees , users of our services, broader and narrower social communities.

PLASTFORM d.o.o. wants customers, users, suppliers and manufacturers to recognize our organization as a professional and active collaborator.

We have determined our environmental aspects and changes to prevent their negative environmental impacts for all activities to the extent that we can influence them.

The quality of our service, the selection of quality products we offer are a condition for our survival and development, and an essential part of our entrepreneurial endeavour.

We control our own processes that are aligned with the applicable compliance obligations, requirements and criteria of users and interested parties from the environment, the laws of the Republic of Croatia, technical regulations and norms, we look for the best organizational solutions, we carry out all the organization’s activities professionally and with high quality.

By monitoring customer satisfaction, monitoring and evaluating suppliers and cooperating companies, and analyzing all data, we create a basis for initiating all necessary measures with the aim of constantly improving the efficiency of the quality management system and environmental protection in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and reducing all types of risks .

We ask all our business partners, service users and cooperating companies to meet quality and environmental protection criteria.

Through the Administration’s review, the Administration evaluates the actuality of the policy and the need to change it and, based on that, sets specific goals.

The quality and environmental protection policy applies to all business processes in the company PLASTFORM d.o.o. in scope:

“Production of styrofoam (EPS) for thermal insulation and packaging”

All processes are checked through planned internal audits, supervision of certification houses, competent inspections, supervision carried out by users and cooperation with the wider community.

The quality and environmental protection policy is a public document, it has been communicated to employees and is available to all interested parties.