Thermal conductivity coefficient λd: 0,037 W/mK

Plastopor styrofoam is produced using the most modern vacuum technology and therefore its quality fully meets the requirements of Croatian (HRN EN 13163) and European standards (EN 13163).


The panels are used as thermal insulation for water-based floor heating and cooling in residential and public buildings. Thermal insulation under the floating screed, where medium loads of up to 100 kPa are expected. Tacker boards are available in folding and in rolls.


PLASTOPOR TACKER EPS 100 PP panels do not affect human health and the environment (without CFC, FCKW, HBCD). Hardly flammable (higher requirement than “self-extinguishing”), simple installation. Plate thicknesses range from 10 mm to 50 mm. The characteristics correspond to the requirements of HRN EN 13163:2012+A1:2015. They are stable in the temperature range, permanently up to 80°C and short-term up to 95°C. Chemically resistant to most construction materials with which it comes into contact, for more detailed information and ambiguities, contact the manufacturer.

EPS-EN13163 –T(2)-L(3)-W(3)-S(5)-P(10)- DS(N)5-BS150-CS(10)100

Thickness (mm) Thermal conductivity Thermal resistance Length (mm) Width (mm) m2 Compressive strength (kPa)
10 0,037 0,27 10000 1000 10 100
20 0,037 0,54 10000 1000 10 100
30 0,037 0,81 10000 1000 10 100
40 0,037 1,08 10000 1000 10 100
50 0,037 1,35 10000 1000 10 100