We donated a CTG device worth HRK 50,000 to the Clinic for Gynecology and childbirth in Petrovoj.

Ctg device that measures the heartbeat of an unborn baby was shipped to the Department of Diabetes and fetal growth, where women from all over Croatia who control pregnancy and diabetes come, but also all those who have to be hospitalized during pregnancy. The device does not have any harmful effects, and it works by pressing a probe to the pregnant woman’s stomach and then listening to the child’s heart.

Head of the Department for Diabetes and Fetal Growth Marina Ivanišević explained that during working hours it was not possible to examine all pregnant women, and that this procedure will be significantly facilitated by obtaining a new apparatus.” Our delivery room is equipped with appliances like this, and in the ward we have two, one old and one new. We are immensely grateful and even in times of this crisis I have the feeling that we are galloping on,” she added.

Head of the Department Dr. Jozo Blajić said that today’s standard requires the possession of this apparatus and the control of fetal heart function in the last two weeks of pregnancy.

Bože Nenadić, CEO of Plastform, which donated the Philips device, said that employees gave up gifts and receptions to help an institution of special interest to society. By the way, the company, which has 46 employees, is engaged in the production of Styrofoam.


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