The Plastform company in its wide range of products offers styrofoam containers for growing seedlings with different numbers of seeding spots.
Containers with 160, 170 and 209 holes are most commonly used for seedlings of lettuce, cabbage and swiss chard. Containers with 104 holes are mostly used for cabbage, peppers, eggplant, and flowers while containers with 84, 60 and 40 holes are used for tomatoes, peppers, watermelons, melons, and also for eggplants and flowers.

With our exceptional experience in production, as evidenced in the production of more than ten million containers for seedlings and the use of  a BVQI approved Quality System for supervision, compliant with ISO 9001:2000, we can guarantee the highest quality of our products and services.

“All of the seedlings grown in containers have a proper and equal growth area allowing uniform plant growth and high uniformity of seedlings. The biggest advantage of growing seedlings in containers is that it enables transplantation together with the substrate on the root which well-developed seedlings completely outgrow . Transplantation with a lump of substrate on the root protects plants from the stress caused by transplantation into a field environment with a bare root, enabling their continued growth. The plants take root much easier so underplanting is almost unnecessary. Such seedlings, compared to ones with a bare root, can also be transplanted, if necessary, into soil that doesn’t have the optimal moisture and it is also possible to perform the transplantation during the entire day, which again allows for better usage of the existing planting equipment and planting on larger areas in the optimal amount of time. Vegetables from seedlings grown in containers are ready to be harvested earlier and generally have higher yields compared to the bare root seedlings grown on flower beds. The container seedling cultivation method is particularly suited for the production of hybrid vegetables where, due to the high price of seeds, it is extremely important to get a quality seedling from every seed. “